Does your patient need extra time to recover?

Swing Bed Services provide post-acute care to patients who may need rehabilitation prior to returning home.

These services include 24-hour in-hospital, skilled nursing care with the benefit of rehabilitation therapies to help patients reach an optimal level of functioning.

Therapies provided include IV therapy, wound care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and respiratory therapy.


  • 3 inpatient midnights stay
  • Acute illness
  • 2 or more skilled needs

During a patient’s stay, they will receive care from our nurses, case managers, activities director, and therapists. Dardanelle Regional is dedicated to providing our patients with high-quality, compassionate care.

For more information about Swing Bed Services, please contact Dardanelle Regional Medical Center.

200 N 3rd St, Dardanelle, AR 72834

Phone: 479-229-4677

Our Mission

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