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  • Specialist feels at home in Conway

    Maternal-fetal medicine specialists care for women who have complicated or high-risk pregnancies as well as their babies. “We have the unique privilege of taking care of two patients at the same time,” said Dawn Hughes, MD. “I love that aspect of my practice.” Read More

  • Mammography Advice Upon Turning 40

    “The best way for us to detect breast cancer is through an annual mammography starting at the age of 40,” said Daniel Roubein, a radiologist at Conway Regional Medical Center. “Finding cancer as early as possible really changes the outcome. The sooner we can make a referral to an oncologist, the better it is for that individual patient. Women with later-stage cancer can do very well, but it is a different road.” Read More

  • Pulmonologist joins Conway Regional Clinic

    The Conway Regional Multispecialty Clinic offers an integrated approach to specialty care. Providers specialize in Hematology, Oncology, Pulmonology, and Rheumatology services. In addition to treating a multitude of conditions, they also provide services such as pulmonary function tests, sleep studies, and bronchoscopies. The clinic is located at 525 Western Ave., Suite 305, inside Conway Regional Medical Center. Read More

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