General Visiting Guidelines

It is the philosophy of Dardanelle Regional Medical Center to provide family-centered care to our patients. We have established an open visiting policy for most areas that is flexible while still maintaining an atmosphere conducive to our patients' welfare. Nursing staff may ask visitors to leave when necessary for the protection of the patient. Loud conversation is not allowed. If you do have children with you, we ask that you not allow them to run in the hallways, into other patients' rooms or restricted areas. Please observe special signs posted on rooms where patients are in isolation. We ask that you be considerate of other patients during early morning and late hours.

Mail and other deliveries should be addressed as follows:

(Patient name) (Patient room number)
200 N. 3rd St.
Dardanelle, AR 72834

Smoke Free Campus

Please be advised that smoking has been prohibited at Dardanelle Regional Medical in accordance to Arkansas Act 134. Violation of Arkansas Act 134 is a Class C Misdemeanor. We ask that you assist us in complying with the law by not smoking while on Dardanelle Regional property. 

If you are trying to quit, there are resources available to assist you.

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