Swing Bed Services

Dardanelle Regional is proud to offer Swing Bed services to patients needing rehabilitation before returning home. Swing Bed is a Medicare program that allows hospital facilities to be used for in-patient acute care and then is transitioned to provide healthcare services that cannot be easily offered at home.

Patients who do not need to be hospitalized but may benefit from rehabilitation with 24/7 nursing coverage can receive high-quality, compassionate care at Dardanelle Regional without visiting another healthcare facility. During a patient’s stay, they will receive care from our nurses, case managers, activities director, and therapists. Our physicians will make rounds Monday thru Friday, checking in on all your medical concerns and labs to ensure that you are receiving the best healthcare available with the goal of returning to your previous living arrangements.

If you have been in the hospital for a medical reason that requires you to stay three nights and your physician feels that you are not ready to return to your previous way of living right away- you may be eligible to qualify for our swing bed program. You will receive daily care from our physical, occupational, and respiratory therapy nursing staff. 

Common Therapies

At Dardanelle Regional, Swing Bed patients often receive:

  • IV therapy, wound care
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Speech therapy & Dietary consults (available through Conway Regional)

Length of Stay

The length of stay depends upon individual patient needs and progress toward recovery. Swing Bed services empower patients to reach their highest potential for health and independence once they return home.

Additional Information

We do not provide transportation but make available opportunities for you to go to your appointments with other specialists that may be required outside of a hospital visit by doing a temporary leave of absence for a short period. In any medical emergency, you will have direct, immediate access to a high level of care for life-sustaining measures.

For more information about Swing Bed Services, Please call 479-229-6130.

Fax all requests directly to our swing bed coordinator at 479-229-6186.

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