Diabetes Prevention & Wellness

Through our partnership with Conway Regional, we are able to offer more services. Below are different ways to help with health & wellness, reach out to our partner, and get the expert advice you need.

Prevention of diabetes is all about healthy living. The choices you make can help prevent the onset of diabetes; choose a healthy diet, choose to be physically active and choose to maintain a healthy weight and you can reduce your risk of diabetes.

The National Diabetes Education Program offers an online booklet "Small Steps. Big Rewards." to help determine your risk of diabetes and help implement a prevention plan to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.

At Dardanelle Regional, we offer assistance for those managing diabetes. If you are newly diagnosed with diabetes we encourage you to talk to your doctor to see if you are a candidate for the Diabetes Self Management Program. Visit the Diabetes Self Management Program page for more information on our education program or call the Conway Regional Diabetes Education office at 501-513-5248 or 501-932-3236.

Tools for Wellness

Looking for more information on managing your diabetes? The Diabetes Forecast is a great source to stay up to date on new products and guidelines for diabetes. If you need help with managing your weight and nutrition, consider participating in the Weight Management Support Group, or attend the Monthly Diabetes Care Meeting for information and help from others with diabetes.

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